SECS, Inc.


SECS, Inc. has been manufacturing custom components and assemblies for over 50 years. Quality and support are the key elements to SECS, Inc. success throughout the years. When a standard product won’t meet your requirements, we can provide alternative solutions through custom design. 







Founded in 1988, Giagni brand is a family owned and operated business with locations in Mount Vernon, NY, Mooresville, NC and Gaffney, SC. Giagni brand products are designed in the United States focusing on the needs of the homeowner. Giagni brand is stylish, simple to install and easy to use. We keep it simple so you can easily complete small do-it-yourself projects or a total remodel. Giagni products will help you create the perfect kitchen or bathroom for your home.





Promptus Electronic Hardware has been manufacturing Handles and Electronic hardware for over 40 years. A strong knowledge of our products, our customers and their market needs has helped Promptus become the prominent domestic manufacturer of handles and other electronic hardware.